Monday, May 18, 2015

Progress on Goal #5 Talia's Story

I've finished a couple of revisions of Book 2 in the Sendek Saga. It's now with my publisher. That's progress! I'm waiting to hear if they need more revisions or if it's close enough to work with their editor.

I'll keep you posted, but until there's news, here is the blurb for it.

The Dragumon have been defeated, but Sendek will never be the same. Lines are being drawn between those who can work magic and those who can’t. Talia and Landry Sutton have a plan to create a Mage Council to govern the use of magic. They hope it will keep the peace long enough for them to travel to Orek and learn how Jaron’s world successfully combined magic and science.  
Talia hasn’t dreamed for months, but on the eve of leaving for Orek her nightmares return. She knows they must make the journey to discover the truth about the dragons, how to use magic and how to bring peace back to their world. However, if they do, she could lose what matters most—Landry.