Friday, June 13, 2014

Mentally worn out!

It has been a busy month. Lots of running here and there, wrapping up the end of the school year, getting kids ready for summer camps, cleaning the house (Boo!) and every once in a while the opportunity to work on a goal.

The two goals I'm working on at the moment are #40 and #15. That's:

  • Start my own high school short story contest
  • Get Fade Into Me published
I've finished a lot of the ground work for the contest. The webpage is up, so is Facebook. The best part is I now have four amazing authors signed on to help with judging this fall. Go check out their Bios! Now I just need to get the word out to students and high schools. Hopefully the dominoes are already falling on the student side, but I'm waiting until August to start contacting the high schools. Summer is the one glitch in my starting a fall contest!

Fade Into Me is mostly complete. I've sent several queries and received some requests. Those have turned into no's along the way but I'm not discouraged yet. Thanks to some great feedback from readers I'm going to add a few more scenes to build the relationship between Ryanne and Caedmon a little more. I've also had the discussion with my hubby regarding the question to keep seeking an agent or see if my current publisher is interested. 

I really enjoyed WiDo and will gladly turn to them in time. Part of me just needs to try for that larger dream a little longer. My ambition is bigger than what I think they can accomplish at this time, but I know my skills have to improve as well. 

You may recall that I started goal #34--Update Family History Book. That screeched to a standstill when I realized I would have to start completely from scratch. I just don't have the mental emotional strength to redo all my previous work at this time. So, I'm shelving it again for a while.