Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Goal #25 Purchase bedroom furniture--Started

Hubby and I went looking for bedroom furniture last week. We found some stuff we LOVED. However the bed alone cost $1700. We could have done it, but we've worked really hard to move toward debt free and that felt like a lot of cash for a bed. I mean, we've been married 18 years and never spent more than $50 on a bed frame.

We came home and were both proud of ourselves for being smart and bummed out because we didn't buy anything. Then my hubby came up with a new plan. For a fraction of the cost, he could make a headboard similar to what we wanted to buy, plus we could buy the fireplace, paint and accessories.

Here's where we are after the weekend.
New in this picture:
The homemade headboard--from 2 doors
Hubby got the side tables for $5 each off Craig's List and refinished them
White comforter
Decorative Pillows
1 of the Lamps and both shades
Not pictured but purchased--the fireplace heater (our room is the coldest in the house)

Still to get:
new paint color on walls
new couch for sitting area or something to cover the hideous one currently there
a few finishing touches